Kuma Summer Travel Series ~ Part 2

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Kuma Sunglass Summer Travel Series

Part Two: Milan


Milan is arguably the fashion capital of the world, boasting some of the best hole in the wall vintage stores to the latest in haute couture. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the worlds oldest shopping malls.Undergoing construction in 1865 its named after the first king of the Kingdom of Italy, Victor Emanuele II. This open air mall is home to the very first Prada store. Whether you come here to splash some cash, grab a bite to eat or simply people watch, the fact remains, simply come here. 


Gabrielle in the grey Arbutus frame (click here to shop)
Just like you can't go to England without trying fish and chips, you can't come to Italy without having some Gelato. While some stores are better than others, you really can't go wrong here in Milan. These stores seem parasitic in nature, not in that they are a pest, but that they are everywhere! Grab your favorite flavor and just wander the city. We couldn't tell if the gelato was enhanced by the "Italian Experience" or it really was just that good.


One of the more unexpected pleasures of Milan was their beautiful street art. Companies do host walking tours, but we found that simply wandering and uncovering this amazing graffiti was a lot more rewarding. In the north east, around the train station of Greco Pirelli, the walls of the station and surrounding buildings may as well have been a museum. Challenging the amazing work seen in Berlin, Germany, this artwork is a must see here in Milan.


Joe in the bamboo wearing bamboo (click here to shop this style)

With all the hustle and bustle of the city life, it's easy to become overwhelmed here. However, Milan provides an escape in her numerous parks scattered throughout the city. Head to Parco Sempione to watch couples dancing in the park, find some shade and relax. To our surprise Milan also has a number of bamboo forests which provide a very zen like retreat. So of course we found it appropriate to take some photos of our Kuma Sunglasses there as they are made of bamboo as well!

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