Kuma Summer Travel Series ~ Part 4

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Kuma Sunglass Summer Travel Series

Part 4: Athens And The Island Of Ios


At The Athenstyle Hostel Rooftop Bar InThe Arbutus Sunglass With Tortoise Frame

Athens is a city rich in culture, where every corner is an opportunity for a history lesson. While it's tough at first to get a handle on the language, thankfully it's easy to get your hands on a gyros. The heat can be nauseating but the views make it all worth it. We stayed at Athenstyle hostel. We were used to the websites over promising and under delivering, so when we saw that their rooftop bar had a view of the Acropolis, we weren't exactly holding our breath. However, this is a view that really is a see it to believe it. In a city so expansive, we felt we couldn't be any closer to the Acropolis.



However, if you choose to stay somewhere else, you don't have to miss out on the view. City Zen is a rooftop restaurant / bar with strong cocktails, delicious food, and a laid back vibe that seems to be the way of life here in Greece. Once the sun goes down, City Zen comes alive, with the soft glow of fairy lights and the hum of house music pulsating in the background. It's easy to spend all night here, however the draw to explore this amazing city can pull you away.

Exploring The Streets Of Ios. Style Featured: Cypress In Black Frame

Even though Ios is known as a party island during the high season, it's got much more to offer than some serious hangovers. The old town is a maze of white washed houses, store fronts, bars and restaurants. During the day you'll find it to be a relatively quiet place. We couldn't figure out if people were avoiding the heat, or resting up for the intense night ahead. Clubs don't get busy until about midnight, but they keep it going until 6 or 7 in the morning.



After you get into the rhythm of things, it's a great island to explore. We found the best way to spend an evening was to catch the sunset from the many vantage points on the island, grab a later dinner, have a quick nap, and then hit the town for a night of dancing
Exploring Ios By ATV And Kuma's Orange Arbutus (Click Here To See All The Colors)

Although, you wouldn't be doing the island any justice if you didn't explore it in it's entirety. Rent an ATV for the day and head to the many beaches tucked away in their own little alcoves. The freedom of getting away from the other tourists is addicting, and winding through the snaking roads, getting lost just isn't a concern, in fact it's actually welcomed. If you manage to pry yourself from the bike, you'll be rewarded with a swim in sea water that rivals pools for how clear it is. Whether you want a beach all to yourself, or to rub shoulders with some happy go lucky travelers as you party the night away, Ios has it all.



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