Kuma Summer Travel Series

Kuma Sunglass Summer Travel Series

Part One: Barcelona


Summer travel adventures....like a summer romance or summer and Kuma Sunglasses.......it just feels so right!

For the next few weeks join Kuma ambassadors Joe & Gabrielle here

as they make their way through Barcelona, France, Italy, Croatia and then Greece

sharing their adventures and travel tips with you along the way.


First stop.... the Spanish city of Barcelona


Barcelona is known for it's never ending sunshine, amazing tapas and a party scene that puts Duracell to shame.

And while anyone can visit this city and enjoy just a sample of this Mecca, it is when you get lost in its narrow streets that you

truly appreciate the beauty of Barcelona. 

Exploring the narrow streets of Barcelona in Kumas Mango Sunglass

The Gothic Quarter is a maze (quite literally) of streets that seems to only narrow the further you explore.
The Cathedral of Santa  Eulalia has a very cosy courtyard, seemingly overrun with vegetation.
Within its walls, the sounds of the city seem to stop,
and the flow of the water fountain takes over.

Gabrielle in Kumas Mango in black frame (click to shop)

Only a few blocks away, Flors is a quaint flower store that stocks some exotic plants, even by Spain's standards.

Flowers of course are no stranger here, but the overwhelming amount of foliage pouring out of the store front is a sight worth searching for. 


Barcelona's Flors flower store

It is undeniable that Barcelona attracts some extremely wealthy patrons,
but what makes this place so special is that it caters to all budgets.
Just walking around the city is a feast for the senses,
whether it's the talented street performers on Las Ramblasor
the smell of freshly made brunch (usually a sign of a good night out)
........it's all fantastic.


And to top it all off, for just €20 you can ensure a spot on "Orsom",
a catamaran cruise, where you can enjoy live music as you sail the Mediterranean as the sun sets on Barcelona.


Joe aboard the Orsom catamaran wearing Kuma's Baobab Clubmaster frame in blue revo lens (click to shop)

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